.: The Language of the Robinettes :.

    Finckese~Robonics is the name we have given to the new variation of English invented by the Robinettes. Despite it's relatively simple spelling, we Robinettes found many people misspelling the last name of our Robin. The most common misspelling was the failure to add the 'c' (Spelling the name FINK rather than FINCK, although i have also seen Finch, and Frink quite a few times :) ) In an attempt to spread the Robin love in every aspect of our posting, and to correct this common spelling error, I suggested we should finckize the spelling in our posts and thus Finckese~Robonics was born.

    The structure of Finckese~Robonics is very simple. As far as pronunciation is concerned, all words maintain their normal English form. The written form of Finckese~Robonics requires that any word containing the combination "nk" be changed to "nCk".

    See? Isn't that simple?

    If you should choose to start typing Finckese~Robonics, be warned that once the habit is created, it's hard to stop! Make sure you don't go writing a paper for school or an official letter in Finckese-Robonics , it is *not* a standard language ;)

    Examples of some common Finckese~Robonics words:
        thinck, thanck, linck, winck, blanck, drinck, drunck, pinck

.: The Robinette Fincktionary :.

In addition to the basic format of Finckese~Robonics, we Robinettes have some other words/terms that we decided need to be a part of Finckese~Robonics, although many of them don't directly relate to Robin ;) Here they are in the order they were added :)

¤ carck
taken from the English word "crack"; Usage: "Are you on carck?"

¤ carck pope
crack pipe; Usage: "I thinck someone has spent a bit too much time with the ole carck pope today"

¤ fload
from the English word "float"; Usage: "That carck is making me fload!"

¤ just retard
retarded; Usage: "Shut up! You are just retard!"

¤ deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep suck
To be, like, really bad, and stuff; Usage: MERLIN MENSIN IS DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP SUCK!"

¤ twooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogy
Marilyn Manson's bass player (should have 33 o's); See this page for more details

Robin's name is now an obscenity! Usage: "FINCK YOU, you carckhead!"

Stands for Glistening White Buttocks. A term first uttered by Trent (on one of the MTV 20th anniversary specials), abbreviated by the Robinettes.

¤ banananaananananananana
Umm.... just ask Ginger Fish ;)

One with limited intelligence. The Best example being people who post typo-ridden, incoherant messages at message boards. See my Wisdom From the BBS mini-site for some great examples :)

¤ Slogs
A new term we came up with after the Twooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogy episode of Cribs to describe the shoes he was wearing (slipper looking clogs)

Our term for those hip-wader looking pants that Robin so *adores* wearing. (First publicized in the *infamous* scary pants pic

¤ The Ghetto Board
The nickname the Robinettes gave to the official Manson BBS shortly after they changed formats (and deleted our robin love! arrrgh!) Honorary Robinette SMP8675309 once had the site "www.ghettoboard.com" pointing to manson's board, but alas, the registration ran out. It's all good though, because MASNO seems to have decided against having a messageboard on his site.

¤ The Jolly Green Midget
Nickname for Trent first uttered by Honorary Robinette glitter_n_speed upon seeing the original green Trent pic from the deep video. (See Defaced By The Duck for a couple of green Trent pictures.)
Related terms: The Crancky Green Midget (because, come on, is *Jolly* really a fitting term for Trent?!); The Midget (He's only 3 apples high)

Our endearing nickname for Axl Rose (Sometimes referred to as W. Axl Rose, hence the WAXL) The addition of THE HUTT came after seeing one particularly *awful* picture of poor WAXL taken in rio (I really don't know *what* the deal was with this pic, if it hadn't come from a gnr fansite, I would have sworn it was doctored to make Axl look hugely fat) See Defaced By The Duck for some WAXL THE HUTT portraits.

¤ Jesus of NIN
Our name for the frightening picture of the bearded Trent that appeared one day on nin.com (and disappeared shortly there after) Go to the Robinfo page if you would like to see the pic :)

¤ Can you FEEL the Robin Love?
The Robinette motto! :)

Aaah yes, Sweet Tooth (aka TOOF) and I came up with this one one night... it gives a whole new maning to "I'm doing stuff" *oooh la la* ;) Ok ok ok, I know I didn't really explain that much, but just *go with it* :)

The mating call of "turkius fockeronitus," commonly known as the shinyheaded Moby.

¤ The Übermullet
The Robinette's endearing nickname for Robin's, errr, unique, hairstyle of 2002/03. (See this picture for a visual)

¤ Doofus Lohner
Danny Lohner's nickname (he loves to be called that, trust me, would I lie to you? :))
Umm... that is all.... :-D

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