A (Not So) Brief History of the Robin Love

WHO/WHAT is a Robinette?

Funny you should ask......! Hmm? What was that? You say you didn't ask? Well, you *should* have..... look, I don't CARE if *you* didn't! I just figured there might be someone who wanted to know...... hmm?... well, put it this way, i'm telling you whether you asked or not, so why don't you just sit there and listen, k? Thanck you :)

Um... where was I? Oh, yes, before I so rudely interrupted myself, I was going to explain what a Robinette was.

A ROBINETTE is a LOVER of FINCK, a person who appreciates the all around spiffiness that is ROBIN FINCK. One need not be on love with him or a complete obsessed stalker type to be a Robinette (although it would make it easier to blend in ;) )

ROBINETTES spread the Robin Love whenever and wherever possible, seeing to it that everyone recognizes how nifty Robin is, and gives him the respect he deserves. YES, we all know that Trent writes all the nin songs, but this does not mean that Robin, Danny, Charlie and Jerome shouldn't get some LOVIN' and RESPECT too! How annoying is that anti-otherninmember attitude? *rabid ducky* And YES, we are aware that Slash was the original GNR guitarist, and that he has a lot of fans, but that doesn't mean that one can't enjoy Robin's playing too! *pokes several people*

WHEN/WHERE did the Robinettes Originate?

"Robinette" is the nickname given to a few of us girlies (and a couple of boys) at the official manson message board. We were given this nickname because, well, basically, we used to sit there night after night on the manson bbs, in the section dedicated to the band, and talk about Robin Finck. :)

We posted numerous threads about him and added pictures of him to our signatures. When we weren't talking about Robin, we were usually talking about Trent or something else NIN related. Between about October '00 and March '01, we managed to spread the NIN love throughout the Band folder of the BBS (despite numerous attempts to thwart us!) In February of '01, on a whim, a couple of us Robinettes decided to make a couple of new Robin folders. We weren't really intending to go nuts with it, we were just joking around. Soon enough, the board was populated with multiple Robin themed topics. We had a lot of fun over there, but some of the other posters just wouldn't ignore our silliness and insisted on causing trouble *rolls eyes* Why are there so many people on message boards who can't get the basic concept that if you don't want to see posts on a particular topic, JUST DONT CLICK ON THE THREAD!? I mean, honestly, unless it's your site, in which case you have every right to control what goes where, there is no use in yelling at people for going off topic - you have no right to tell people what they can and cannot post! Besides, these same people would 99% of the time be posting messages on any subject of their choosing, they just didn't want us to post in a topic with Robin's name on it because it got on their nerves *rolls eyes again* Ok, i'll cease this rant and move on ;)

In March of 2001, the official Manson BBS was changed to a new software that basically just stunck (the ghettoboard) There were no more seperate folders, which meant everyone was just thrown all together. This, along with the fact that the board usually ran very slow and didn't behave nicely with bigger threads, made it difficult for us to spread the love over there, BUT you could still see the Robin threads popping up from time to time (mind you, these were all *new*, since all of our posts, including the main one that started it all, were deleted when the forum was changed).

About a week or two before the demise of the Finckinator - our original expression of Robin Love - I had created the Robin Love Site to document our silliness and archive our posts. Because it was available through Homestead at that time, I signed up for a Coolboard - the first incarnation of the Robin Love Board. No one really posted there at first, until the Manson board went ghetto. We hung around on the Robin Love Board for a breif time, but then Coolboard went out of business! (We Robinettes have some major bad luck with message boards!) While I was in the process of attempting to find a new board to put with the site, one of the Robinettes lead us to an unofficial Manson BBS, which we referred to as the "unbbs", and we moved our Robin Love over there. There was a lot of hostility toward us there, so we kinda faded away.

In the middle of 2002, the Manson board was changed once again. This time it went to a nicer software on a faster server, so it wasn't bad. They also had *some* folders available. But, it was too late. By that time, the Robinettes had gotten used to posting on our own board and the Manson BBS portion of our History had ended.

You also may be able to catch me occasionally on a couple of Guns N Roses boards (I'm not a huge fan of theirs, but I am always looking for Robin info, and to spread the love. And a lot of times, it's needed. Sure, Slash may be cool, BUT that doesn't mean Robin can't be too! *rabid ducky again*)

Nowadays, the best (if not *only*) place to find the ROBIN LOVE and the Robinettes hanging out in any official form is on the current incarnation of the Robin Love Board.

Who Were the Original Robinettes?

The Robinettes who are considered "The Originals" are those who first spread the love. We were the ones who stumbled across the Robin Finck main folder and started obsessively posting there. The "Secondary Robinettes" were those who came around a little later than the Originals, or who weren't quite as obsessed in the beginning, but who always did their part to spread the love. (Although, a couple of the Secondary and Honorary Robinette's have since become just as Robinobsessed as the rest of us!)

An "Honorary Robinette" is a Robinette who has come into the love since the term Robinette was coined and Robin Love Site started (in early March, 2001). As I said above, ANYONE who loves and respects Robin can be an Honorary Robinette. :)

And now, I must give "mad props" to the the first wave of Robinettes!

The Original Robinettes are (in no particular order):

  BEE ARCH       dead-duck     RessaTay          
  kryptobra      SweetTooth    twignfinck        
  MNINM14        sadie mae     daeva             
  TeaBagger      Vampire       bobble            
  TwigRamGirl    scabbed777   last_girl_on_earth 

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