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The Originals
Meet the original original Robinettes - those 12 gals and one guy that posted in the Finckinator back between October 2000 and January 2001. These were the first to become obsessed with spreading the Robin Love in Manson Land. This list has also been expanded to include those who were previously referred to as "Secondary Robinettes", Robinettes who joined during the MASNO MANIA era of Robin Love, between January 2001 and the death of the Finckinator 3 short months later.

The Honorary Robinettes
Those fine girls boys and girly boys who have joined the rancks of the Robinettes since the initial onslaught of Robin Love, and the birth of the Robin Love Site, in early 2001.

The Robinette Guestmap (opens in a new window)
Place your pin in the Robinette Guestmap and see where other Robinettes are located - we truly are an international bunch! :)
(only official robinettes posting, please :) Everyone else - feel free to view or become a robinette!)

The Robinettes Take Over The World SiteRing (opens in a new window)
Visit the websites of the Robinettes! The sites include a couple of Robin related sites and messageboards, sites dedicated to nin, marilyn manson and other bands, and personal sites. There are a lot of great sites out there, go check them out :) All Robinettes are welcome to join the SiteRing.

The Robin Love Board (opens in a new window)
Talk with Robinettes in our native habitat ;) The conversation tends to be off-topic a lot of the time, so feel free to post whatever you would like (In accordance with the board Rules, lincked from every page of the board, of course ;)).
Note: Just in case anyone is wondering why there is a section of the RLB dedicated to actor Jude Law, I know - he has nothing to do with Robin Love! I set it up as a temporary home for some homeless Jude lovers, who were looking for a place to post when our home Jude board died. (oh, and for the record, I happen to thinck Jude is hot ;) You got a problem with that? I didn't thinck so :P)

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