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Learn to speak, or should I say type, the language of the Robinettes! (If you've been reading thru these pages noticing my spelling of "thinck" or "linck" and thincking I just kant spel, you should probably look here ;))

Some random information on the bird himself, Robin. This is where you go if you've accidentally wandered into this site and don't have a clue who the heck this Robin guy is ;)

The (Not So) Brief History of The Robinettes
Read the long drawn out story of how the Robinettes came to be, if you didn't already read it from the main page ;)
Note: This one pops up in it's own little window, but is not on an outside server.

Defaced by the Duck » Robin Pics! **
Some stupid pics that I have made by playing with pictures of Robin ;) Almost all of the Robin pics currently on the site were made in the initial Robin Love hysteria, usually having something to do with an inside joke ;) There are also sections for Trent, MASNO and WAXL pics.

Wisdom from the BBS **
Choice excerpts from assorted messageboards that the Robinettes have frequented. This mini-site includes some amusing harassment of Robinettes, insults to Robin, and the Robinettes mocking their detractors. There were a few really great threads that were lost when the Masno board went byebye the first time *sniffle* but I still have managed to get quite a few amusing posts onto this site. What can I say, I find the posts highly amusing :)

The Robin Posts *
One night in the midst of the Robin Love, someone came to the MASNO board and posted as "Robin Finck." Of course it wasn't Robin, but since no one ever officially took credit for it (although I have my suspicions ;)) we took the "what if" aspect and ran with it ;) I chose to archive the posts on the site for the fun of it, and here they are :)

The Finckinator Memorial *
Dedicated to the initial RobinLove thread at the Masno BBS (10-11-00 ~ 03-29-01), the memorial contains screen shots from the board, random useless information about our adventures, and a partial archive of the posts (as much as could be saved by twignfinck in the short time between the warning that the board was going to be deleted and the time it actually was)

Coming Soon....er or later ;)
Robin Finck-tion (Stories inspired by the Robin Love)
Previous Robinette Versions (Galleries of old banners and color schemes)

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