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.: Purpose :.

First things first - this site is not in any way officially affiliated with Robin Finck. To visit Robin Finck's official site, please go to www.robinfinck.com - he's got lots of nifty stuff there :)

This site is intended as a sort of fan listing for Robin Finck fans, and as a place for fans to get together and talk about the Bird, among other things, on the Robin Love Board ;)

This site was initially made by the duck to document the Robin Love insanity that was going on at the official Manson board (and to play with the Homestead site builder ;)). Once the Manson board died, the first time, the Original Robinettes found our way to our own message board and the Robin Love grew from there.

This isn't a "real" fansite in that it doesn't contain any real info about Robin, pictures, interviews, or any of the standard fansite fare. Instead, it contains the listing and profiles of the various Robinettes, and some other random Robin junck that I have put together from my own twisted mind, and from the various conversations of the Robinettes.

So, what is the purpose... hmmm... I don't know. I guess it's just to provide a place for people from all around the world with a common interest - Robin Finck - to get together and have a little online fun :) It's also a place for me to play around with web design and photo editing ;) You can usually tell what I've recently learned how to do by checking out my websites, I always have to share new stuff :P ;)

~the duck

.: Site Credits :.

Text content, graphics and design of this site were all done by me, Rissa, the dead duck, except where otherwise noted. Please do not take my stuff or use anything of mine! :)

As noted on the Banner page, I had the help of Rebecca and jenbly in the making of the Robinette Banners - go see their sites, they both rock ;)

It is not my intention to use anything without the rightful owner's permission. If you see anything on this site that should be credited to someone else, but is not, please let me know using the contact form below.

The site was originally made in March of 2001 with Homestead. The pages that have not been remade by hand are: The Robin Post Page, The Finckinator Memorial, and any pages contained in archives labeled Original Layout. These pages may contain elements made available through the Homestead Site Builder.

.: Site Contents :.

* Hasn't been updated to new purdy layout yet - may never be ;)
** Located on a seperate server, opens in a seperate window - lookout for popups
*** Both of the above ;)

.: Contact Information :.

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